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Ukrainian Broadcasting Group – program information:

Tune in and join us weekly every Saturday evening from 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe (Russia > Ukraine > France …);

  • The territory consists of 603,700 sq. km (233,100 sq. miles) with a coastline of 2782 sq. km (1074 sq. miles);
    • This territory is subdivided into 24 oblasts (provinces), which in turn are subdivided into 490 rayons (districts);

Geographically, Ukraine is located almost in the centre of (the whole) Europe and is bordered by 7 countries:

  • Russia to the east;
  • Belarus to the north;
  • Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west;
  • Romania and Moldova to the southwest; and,
  • The Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south.

In modern history terms, Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union (USSR) on the 24th of August 1991. The 46 million plus, population of Ukraine is mainly of a Slavic nature and predominantly Christian. It has its own language – Ukrainian, which is of Slavic origins. The culture of Ukraine has been influenced by its eastern and western neighbours, which is reflected in its music, literature and arts.

The 3ZZZ Ukrainian Broadcasting Group was formed in 1989. It has a wide spectrum of listeners:

  • Ukrainian community in Australia and overseas;
  • People of background that come from our neighbouring countries;
  • People from other Slavic speaking countries /areas;
  • People of non-Ukrainian origin learning the Ukrainian language;…. .

The Ukrainian Group on 3ZZZ broadcast a program weekly with the:

  • Latest news – overseas, intermixed with a variety of entertainment:-
  • Music and songs of a contemporary and/ or traditionally classic nature, sometimes of an operatic nature and occasionally some recitals;

In addition this program may also have:

  • Informative, educational and/or religious segments;
  • Local press releases / announcements;
  • An occasional guest interview.

The current Ukrainian broadcasting team comprises of:

  • Mrs. Oleksandra Korytsky;
  • Dr. Olga Korytsky;
  • Mr. George Korytsky;
  • Mr. Alexander Rohowyj;
  • Mrs. Maria Kardash
  • Mother Lukia from Sisters of St. Basil (Melbourne parish)

Listen on the net: www.3ZZZbroadcasting/Ukrainian anytime during the week …

For more information about the 3ZZZ Ukrainian Broadcasting Group contact the convenor, George Korytsky, on:- or/ Ph: 9366 1960; mobile: 0466 144 440.

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  • 20:00 - 21:00

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