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The Oromo radio program at 3zzz was established in August 1995.  The program is one of the four Oromo community radio stations operating in the world and the only radio program in the Asian-pacific region.

The Oromo program broadcasts on 92.3 FM every Sunday from 1:00 - 2:00 PM. It broadcasts a diverse range of news from around the globe, youth program, health program, opinions and analysis of current affairs, interviews, sports, special events (festivals) and provides entertainment to our listeners that would otherwise not be available to them.  The program provides enormous benefits to the Oromo community in Australia and beyond.

The Oromo community is one of the emerging communities and its members in Australia are estimated to be greater than 10,000 people. Lack of English language affects most community members and prevents important information getting to the community, especially during the first stages of settlement. That is where the community radio fills the gap. More importantly the program allows our community members to maintain the Oromo language and teach the youth about the Oromo culture and heritage.

The Oromo people are the custodian of the Oromo Gadaa system of governance (one of the ancient African civilizations), indigenous people and largest ethnic group in the Horn of Africa who are estimated to represent more than 50 % of the people in Ethiopia or estimated to be greater than 40 million people.


If you would like to contact the Oromo group please call 9415 1923.

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