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Latvia is an independent, democratic country, situated to the east of Sweden across the Baltic Sea. To the north of Latvia is Estonia, to the east is Russia and Belarus, and to the south Lithuania. Latvia is a member of the European Community, NATO and the Shengen Zone.

It has a low birthrate, and with only 2.1/4 million Latvians, it is amazing that the people have managed to survive for over 4,000 years.

Latvians are hard working people who are fond of singing. In fact singing is an old and popular tradition. There are musical festivals throughout the whole year. Latvian choirs, singers and musicians are renown in Europe and in the USA, China, Russia and in other countries as well. There are folk dancing festivals, and school children’s choir and folk dancing festivals.

The capital of Latvia is Riga. It was founded in 1201 and is listed on the World Heritage List. There are many lakes and rivers, suitable for fishing and recreation. There are also many swamps, natural wetlands and forests.

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Our radio program is broadcast once a week 9-10 am on Thursdays. We try to cater to all ages. The broadcast starts with a segment for the very young, with fairy tales and children’s songs. We include songs, poems, and other activities that have been recorded at the local Latvian kindergarten and school.

We include news from the school, information about our local choirs, and other community activities. There is a section of with news from Latvia, sports and weather forecasts. As well as the occasional interview with visiting artists, politicians, and anyone else who might be of interest to our listeners.

Our group is made up of the convener: Elvira Latiss, who attends and reports on most Latvian functions in Melbourne.                     

Deputy Convenor: Dzintra Latiss

Assistant: Vita Steinhards

Secretary and news reader: Gatis Anderson

Uncle Osvalds: reader of fairy tales for children

There are also 2 other members who contribute to our program.

If you would like to contact the Latvian group please call 9415 1923

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