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Cypriot Turkish

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Turkish Cypriot community in Australia are the Turkish-speaking community of the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The term is sometimes used to refer explicitly to the indigenous Turkish-s Cypriots, as opposed to the Turkish migrants from Republic of Turkey. A large number of Turkish Cypriots reside in Northern Cyprus, which occupies the northern one-third of the island, however the single largest Turkish Cypriot community can now be found in its United Kingdom and Australian diaspora.

With the Ottoman conquest in 1571, the ethnic and cultural composition of Cyprus population changed through Ottoman period. Although the island had been ruled by Venetians, its population was composed of Greek Cypriots, Luzonians, Venetians and Maronites. Ottoman rule brought an influx of settlers speaking Turkish language from entertaining other cultural traditions and beliefs. In accordance with the decree of Sultan Selim II, some 5,720 households left Turkey from the Karaman, Içel, Konya, Alanya, Antalya, and Aydın regions of Anatolia who migrated to Cyprus. The Turkish migrants were largely farmers, but some earned their livelihoods as shoemakers, tailors, weavers, cooks, masons, tanners, jewellers, miners, and workers in other trades. In addition, some 12,000 soldiers, 4,000 cavalrymen, and 20,000 former soldiers and their families stayed in Cyprus. In 1878 the island was rented to the United Kingdom by the Ottoman Empire. After the First World War the British declared Cyprus as a British colony by the Lasagne agreement in 1923. Large number of Cypriot Turkish people left as they did not wish to live under British rule and migrated back to the newly formed Turkish Republic. This situation continued until 1960.

A Shared Cyprus Republic was declared with an agreed constitution after the English rule in 1960, however, conflict between the two communities resulted in separation since 1963. In 1974 a war broke out between the two communities which ended in exchange of populations resulting in two distinct states on the island. Presently, Greek Cypriots live in the South part of the island under their administration called Cyprus Republic and Turkish Cypriots in the North Part of the island under their administration called Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Currently about 1 million Greek Cypriots and 350,000 Turkish Cypriots share the island.

Turkish Cypriot vernacular is different to Turkish spoken in Turkey. Turkish Cypriot Programme on 3zzz Radio is coordinated by Turkish Cypriot members and broadcasts are done in their vernacular Turkish. Music, news, interviews and sketches are broadcasted every week by two community broadcasters Hakki Suleyman (Convener) and Sermen Erdogan (Broadcaster).

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